Holiday Guide Part #1: Create Dazzling Content

October 13, 2016
Mary Kathleen Sullivan
Mary Kathleen Sullivan

October 13, 2016

Looking for some ways to spice up your holiday marketing plan?  Stay tuned to this blog over the next few weeks as we’ll be giving you the golden rules of holiday marketing. We’ll cover topics like: Creating Dazzling Content Through Videos, “Focusing on the New Customer Experience, How to Create an Omni-Channel Shopping Experience, “'Wow' Your Customers with Engaging Content", and Prep for 2017 with a Holiday Recap.

Great retail campaigns come in all shapes and sizes so be sure to delight your customers with these bright and bold ideas over the next few months.

Golden Rule #1: Create Dazzling Content

With the holidays just around the corner it’s increasingly hard to capture the customer’s attention as you cross another day off the advent calendar. Stores are more crowded, decorations light up the streets, and holiday movies inundate your DVR. With the excitement growing every day it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.

One easy way to capture your shopper’s attention is by creating unboxing videos on YouTube.

These videos not only document the experience of opening a product, but they often dramatize it and, in turn, take on a quirky, playful spirit, showcasing products in all of their shiny new glory.

According to Google Consumer Surveys, unboxing videos have seen a 57% growth from last year on YouTube and one in five consumers report they’ve actually watched an unboxing video. It seems as though the magic of unboxing videos might be connected to the feeling viewers get while watching them.

Regardless of what your product is, a fun video unveiling your product could be just what your brand needs. Make sure your video is practical, giving your customer a look into what they can expect from your product from the moment they open the box, to the moment they hold it in their hands.  

So, think outside the “box” and generate some excitement around your products to connect emotionally with your customers during this holiday season!

Check out these fun and creative unboxing videos for inspiration!










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