Holiday Guide Part #4: "Wow” Your Customers with Engaging Content

November 3, 2016
Richard Rushing
Richard Rushing

November 3, 2016

The countdown to Black Friday and Cyber Monday is on - are you ready? If your answer is no, have no fear because there’s still time to make this holiday season your best yet for you and your customers.

Triggered Emails

These upcoming days are two of the biggest shopping days of the year, so it’s expected that you’ll see more traffic to your site than ever before. Before the big shopping weekend, be sure you set up abandoned cart and post-purchase triggered emails to reach your surge of shoppers. These are two easy ways to extend your reach to your customers, while adding some extra sales during this wonderful time of year.

A post purchase series is a great way to recommend products to customers that are related to what they just bought, which can help encourage them to come back and shop for themselves or someone else this holiday season. Be sure to include relevant product recommendations in your email and a creative subject line to pique the interest of your subscriber about what you’re going to recommend.

Personalize It

Recent studies show that shoppers respond to messages or offers tailored specifically to them, and personalized promotions are predicted to see a 10% higher click-through rate. According to the Direct Marketing Association emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened, and marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

This season, consider how you can personalize your campaigns to drive revenue.

Use all the data you’ve collected over the past year about your subscriber. You should know the items they’ve purchased as well as how much they’ve spent. Be sure to collect vital demographics to help create a personal connection that is relevant to the customer, and the campaign. All of this information can be used to create relevant campaigns that hit the right subscribers with the right information at exactly the right time. It’s essential your message is tailored and meaningful to the customer opening your email.

Dynamic Content Wins

No one wants to feature a product in an email that is either no longer available or has just been purchased by that subscriber. Or even worse, no one wants to get an email with a coupon from a retailer immediately after having just made a purchase. An easy way to avoid these inconveniences is to suppress that subscriber at send and replace that product or coupon with something else more valuable to them. It’s important to react to new data that comes into play between the time of send and the time of open by the subscriber. Shift gears to populate the email with offers at the time of open to maximize the value of that open to both themselves and to that subscriber.

It’s no doubt that more personalized content and messaging is the key to standing out in your customers’ inboxes, so incorporate a few of these tactics into your holiday marketing for a record breaking year in sales. Also, don’t forget to check out our previous posts in our Holiday Golden Rule Blog posts like: How to Create Dazzling Content”, “Focusing on the New Customer Experience” and “How to Create an Omni-Channel Shopping Experience”.  The holiday season can be stressful so we’re making sure you’re prepared and ready with a solid holiday marketing campaign year after year. golden-rule-4-listing

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VP of Strategy and Analytics, Shaw + Scott (Raleigh) Richard brings over a decade of experience in digital, email, and lifecycle marketing and customer relationship management to his work with Shaw + Scott. He works with clients to provide comprehensive analysis and insight for improving marketing programs, focusing on digital channels, customer segmentation, and customer experience. Richard has spearheaded strategy campaigns for leading brands including Delta Airlines, American Express, Nissan North America, Microsoft, and Dell. Before joining Shaw + Scott, Richard was Senior Director of marketing strategy at Epsilon.

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