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2016 Shaw + Scott Lookbook: Inspiration at Your Fingertips

Katya Hoogerhuis October 19,2016

We’re super excited to share with you the 2016 Shaw + Scott Lookbook, which gives you access to the best and brightest examples of digital marketing at its finest.

In today’s overly stimulated world we’re constantly challenged with providing more exciting and meaningful connections with our audience. Customers expect a personalized brand experience enticing them with the most interesting content to fill up their inbox and mobile devices. These experiences command attention and increase engagement by spanning across touchpoints, and meeting people where they are in their busy lives.

It’s not an easy task to adopt a customer-first mindset while combining the art and science of engagement in our daily contact with consumers. Our team of passionate experts has carefully selected the examples of industry standouts – each highlighting a different aspect of how truly great, customer-focused campaigns can activate, surprise and delight.

Take some time to dig deeper into these pages and read each brand’s story. We’re sure you’ll find them as inspiring as we did.

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About The Author

Katya Hoogerhuis

Katya Hoogerhuis

Associate Creative Director. Katya is an innovative design leader with a gift for organizing teams and processes around creative needs. In addition to her impressive visual insight (and output), Katya sees the layers that support excellent design and seamlessly implements best practices, cross-team alignment, and testing in her beautiful, strategically developed designs. Katya is adept at interpreting a customer's needs and visually expressing them in a way that consistently goes beyond expectations. She has helped develop campaigns for top brands including Lululemon, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Williams-Sonoma, Art.com and Allposters.com. She previously worked as a designer for West SF + NY, Oracle Responsys and Art.com.