2018 Holiday Triggered Sends: When Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?

November 26, 2018
Libby Croak
Libby Croak

November 26, 2018

When your customers interact with you, do you respond? Are your triggered messages updated for the holiday season?

With all the effort you put into creating promotional holiday campaigns, it can be easy to forget about “set it and forget it” triggers that deliver for you all year long. Don’t make this mistake! Our own research estimates that behavior-based campaigns should deliver at least 55% of your revenue from the email channel.

The final installment of our holiday blog series takes the spotlight off of your big, high-profile promotional sends and focuses on giving the holiday treatment to your automated triggered and transactional messages, such as abandon cart, abandon browse, welcome, and order confirmation emails.

Invite your triggers to the holiday party and reap the rewards of increased engagement, revenue, and pats on the back for your brilliant strategic thinking!

4 Ways to Get Your Triggered Messaging Holiday-Ready:

  1. Prioritize Your Purchase Drivers.
    Abandon cart and browse messages should be updated to reflect holiday deals while sales are running. Focus on urgency. Remind shoppers to act now while the deals are on, and emphasize sale end dates. When you can, increase relevancy through personalized product messaging. Is the item in their cart running low? Or is it subject to a special discount? Let your customer know, and you’ll increase their chances of purchasing. Consider adding a free shipping code in abandon cart emails; it’s possible your customer got to checkout and was deterred by the shipping cost.
  2. Update Your Welcome Email with Holiday Teasers.
    Many of your new subscribers are looking specifically for deals, so give them what they want in their very first communications from you!
  3. Re-engage Annual Shoppers.
    It’s likely you have a segment of customers that returns every year during holiday to make an annual purchase. Dig into your data to identify these customers, and target them with a triggered series leading up to holiday. Include specific product recommendations based on past purchases, and be sure your messaging acknowledges them as a returning loyal customer.
  4. Implement a Holiday “Clean Up” Trigger.
    As promotions wind down, automatically message subscribers who have engaged with products that qualify them for special deals but not yet purchased. Be sure to note the product and deal in the message. This re-targeting tactic could help you scoop up some additional revenue that might otherwise go uncollected.

Want Some Help Bringing Holiday Cheer to All Customer Interactions?

We know you have a lot on your plate heading into the holidays, and that’s why Shaw + Scott Holiday Services stands ready to jump in and pitch in however you need! Let us know where you could use some extra holiday hands or strategic minds.

And make sure to check out the first two posts in our series: 2018 Holiday Content: Be Merry, Bright, and Profitable and 2018 Holiday Send Times: Catch Subscribers at Their Cheeriest.

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Holidy Secrets Series Part 3

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Digital Strategist, Shaw/Scott (Seattle) Libby is a data-driven digital marketer with deep expertise in the email channel. She brings more than 6 years of experience crafting triggered emails, lifecycle programs, mobile-first strategies, behavior-focused dynamic campaigns, and much more to the Shaw/Scott digital strategy team. From publishing to travel, Libby has applied her skills for iconic brands such as The Boston Globe, Alaska Airlines, TaylorMade, and Forever 21.

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