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DeeDee Flagg

Director, Digital Development, Shaw + Scott (Vermont) DeeDee is a veritable digital marketing guru. Her experience spans beyond campaign conception, research, and creative development into integrated marketing, creative design, and more. She has proven her widespread expertise with over 100 brands. DeeDee provides enthusiastic, forward-thinking leadership and is an award-winning graphic designer with a foundation in HTML and CSS. She has that rare combination of creative talent and strategic know-how, which truly set her apart.

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Did you know that one of the biggest mistakes in promotional email marketing is driving traffic to your home page? Why is this not a good strategy? Because the purpose of a home page is to start the conversation. In an email campaign, the conversation has already started and a landing page is a continuum to that conversation. Why not help users to quickly find what they’re looking for and make a conversion that will quantify your email campaign?

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It’s 7am: the alarm on my phone rings, and for a moment I wish I could slam it off like the old-school alarms. But instead I pick it up, swipe right to turn off Justin Timberlake, and immediately check my email. There it is in my inbox: my weekly message from my favorite brand. I know it’s a SALE—the subject line says so—but when I open it I find that it’s blank. Not one to give up, I scroll down to the bottom, tell my device to “download all images,” and then I wait. It finally loads, and… the copy is so small that I’d have to borrow my grandma’s bifocals to read it. I’ll admit, I don’t save the email for later to check on my desktop. I’m annoyed, and I delete it.

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DeeDee Flagg February 22,2016

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