There’s power in the pivot

September 19, 2019
Julian Scott
Julian Scott

September 19, 2019

As we quickly approach the 10th anniversary of Shaw/Scott, we are celebrating with a new look to reflect our evolving capabilities and ongoing excitement about the future of our company and the industry. Marketing itself is innovating at such a pace that companies are having to shift and adapt faster than ever before—creatively, technically and strategically. Our clients’ KPIs are pushing them to reach for the stars while their customers have ever-increasing expectations around their own digital interactions.

When we started Shaw/Scott, what was possible with technology, creative, customer data and personalization has become standard for many marketers. To stay competitive, marketers must break down the internal silos and embrace an integrated cross-channel approach (and the overwhelming data now available) to create truly authentic, personalized and rewarding experiences along the entire customer journey. This is why we’re pushing ourselves harder than ever to think bigger and do more in order to help our clients meet these challenges head on.

While there are visual components to our rebrand, the process has been a result of work done across the company to better articulate our point of view on the direction of the industry and what we need to do to ensure our clients continue to thrive now and in the years ahead. Our new tagline “Digital marketing done better, smarter, faster with more heart” both captures why Melissa and I were inspired to create this agency 10 years ago and why we’re still here. We wanted to be different from the beginning—in both the what and the how.

We are incredibly proud of our journey to where we are now, the team that has helped us get to this point, and more importantly, where we go from here. The new Shaw/Scott is ready to get to work. From the big picture to the smallest detail—let us help you discover the power in the pivot.

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Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Shaw/Scott (Vancouver) Julian is an award-winning digital marketing industry leader, having worked with some of the world's leading brands, including Lego, Alaska Airlines, Wells Fargo, Philosophy, Coach, Allstate, Lululemon, and Symantec. Calling upon two decades of experience in marketing, management, and leadership, he takes an innovative approach to help clients both revolutionize and harmonize their digital marketing ecosystems.

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