New to Email Archiver: Introducing the Customer Journey View

June 7, 2017
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith

June 7, 2017

Here in the Labs team, we’ve been hard at work over the past few months. We’re proud to announce the latest addition to our Email Archiver tool: the Customer Journey View.

This feature gives our customers real-world insight into how individual subscribers interact with their brand’s email marketing program over time. By providing an email-by-email look at subscribers’ experiences, the Customer Journey View empowers marketers to execute effective targeted campaigns across the customer lifecycle.

What can the Customer Journey View do for Shaw + Scott clients?

We’re incredibly excited about this new feature, especially because the industry has been asking for something like the Customer Journey View for years.

Up until this point, marketers could only look at their individual email programs in isolation. This feature lets marketers see how the blend of their different email programs appear in real inboxes – week to week and month to month. Want to see how your subscribers experience your triggered, transactional and promotional campaigns? Filter by different campaign program types, or see the entire view all at once.

By giving marketers a clear look at how individuals experience their emails, the Customer Journey View helps elevate strategy and drive results. It also supports the customer care team in their conversations with customers, allowing team members to quickly identify potential issues – such as seeing that a customer was accidentally sent the same email three times in a row.

Read the full press release.


We couldn’t have done this without listening to our customers.

Working closely alongside our services teams and listening to our clients enables Labs to invest time and attention in solutions that can have an immediate and powerful impact.

Our clients’ needs, along with input from our account and strategy teams, who work side-by-side with them, drive the majority of the features and capabilities that we develop, and we have many marketing practitioners to thank for the development of the Customer Journey View.

We’re glad to put this capability in our customers’ hands and can’t wait to see what they do with it.archiver-listing

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