List Hygiene: Customer Data Reporting Made Easy

November 19, 2020
Venkat Pullela
Venkat Pullela

November 19, 2020

Reviewing customer data and generating accurate, valuable insight is just as important as it is tedious. For those who rely on automated tools or may not have easily accessible teams to perform data services, this task can be especially tricky. If you’ve been in charge of reporting, you also know there’s little to no room for error. Inaccurate or outdated data can cost you quite a lot of business—largely due to how heavily personalized content utilizes customer data and insight. So, how can you painlessly review your data, generate actionable insight, and have the results delivered directly to your inbox? Shaw/Scott can do it all and then some with our new List Hygiene Service.

What Is List Hygiene?

Simply put, our List Hygiene Service creates and manages reporting regarding your customer data—making reviewing and acting upon insight a more manageable endeavor. More precisely, our team leverages built-in analytic tools and database aggregate functions within Responsys Interact. This works to deliver pertinent data information on a user-focused cadence in an easily consumable format. Our team works to identify key considerations for stakeholders, create customized reports to accurately fulfill business requirements, and schedule report sending cadence. All in all, List Hygiene provides great data integrity and ensures important data trends are identified and continually monitored for optimum customer database health. List Hygiene is now available exclusively for Oracle Responsys customers. Read on to learn about the many bells and whistles.

Pain-Free Customer Data Review

Quick: Do you know how many duplicate emails you’ve sent in the last 7 days? How has your email list grown in the past 6 months? What is the rate of change for your engagement segments? Maybe you do know the answer to all of these questions, but that probably means you also know how time-consuming it can be to draw up such figures. Not to mention the additional time to make sure they are 100% accurate. Who knows, maybe you like spending valuable time sifting through customer data, but we’re willing to bet that you don’t. With List Hygiene, the correct answers to all the important questions are delivered to your email in a fraction of the time. Surely we don’t have to remind you of the value of time, but imagine what else you could be doing if you weren’t burning daylight scrambling for data.

A Solution To Duplicates

Our List Hygiene helps you easily identify duplicate values that could result in improper data updates and double sends to customers, among other issues. Duplicates, whether an exact copy of a data set or a partial copy, can cause great damage to your business. For those who are less familiar, let’s say you have a duplicate of one of your customer’s data. Now you have two identical customers, correct? Not exactly, but your records reflect so. Let’s say the same customer decides to update their contact information to begin receiving SMS marketing. Now, one set of your customers’ records is updated while the other is not. There are a number of personalization errors this single duplicate can create, including sending duplicate content, sending multiple coupons, and so forth. Duplicates can cost you greatly—from your ad budget, to losing subscribes and customers, to missing opportunities with partners.

Expert Set-Up

Set-up for our List Hygiene Service takes fewer than two weeks and is handled by Shaw/Scott’s finest tech experts. Our team will meet to identify the key considerations for stakeholders and curate a reporting scheme to accurately fulfill your requirements. This service also includes customized reporting emails to fit your specific business needs and ongoing report maintenance. For us, set-up means more than just the tech stuff—it’s ensuring you feel nothing short of empowered utilizing our services and knowing there’s a team who has your back.

Additional Features

List Hygiene also allows you access to all of these brilliant features:

    • Highly customizable settings help track segmentation trends, total counts for regularly used targeting segments, and more.
    • Insight into data integrity shares which columns contain duplicate values, how many records are being updated regularly, and so forth.
    • User-focused cadence allows you to send reports directly from the platform to key marketing and database stakeholders.
    • Dynamically displayed data alternates depending on the recipient. Potential for visualization considerations, graphing functionality, and more.
    • Low nominal start-up and monthly fees.

Contact Us

Need more information to ensure our List Hygiene Service is right for you? Contact our Technical Services team, or download the information sheet on this service today.


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Solutions Architect, Shaw/Scott (San Jose), Venkat has over 13 years of experience as a strong engineering professional skilled in full-stack MarTech solutions. Previously he served as Customer Care Manager for Oracle and Technical Program Manager for Responsys. Venkat is certified across Oracle Responsys Interact, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Iterable platforms. He’s provided technical services for brands including Intuit, Wells Fargo, GAP, Princess Cruises, Snapfish, and PetSmart.

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