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August 15, 2017
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith

August 15, 2017

Coupon codes: Your customers love them, they’re good for your bottom line…and they’re a hassle for your marketing team. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m proud to introduce a solution to streamline the process of placing unique coupon codes in email, mobile and web campaigns.

Our platform agnostic Coupon Service is designed to handle enterprise-level campaigns with agility, ease, and speed. Have some coupon codes you want to use in a campaign? Now, you can get the campaign up and running in minutes, not days.

Here’s how the Coupon Service works:

  • Manages and stores customers’ coupon codes. When you deploy your campaign across web, email, or app, Coupon Service assigns unique coupon codes to each customer that makes a request – and serves the same coupon code back to individuals when they return.
  • Takes the pre-launch work away. Marketers no longer have to load tables into their ESPs, export lists, or write code. Coupon Service has all the heavy-duty work covered, generating code that marketers can easily copy-paste into campaigns.
  • Provides easy visibility into coupon pools. Coupon Service handles multiple coupon pools and makes it easy to track how many coupon codes you have left in each pool.
  • Handles enterprise-scale coupon management. Coupon Service is built to work for any size of organization: If your website gets five million users a day, or if you’re sending an email to 10 million subscribers, our system isn’t going to flinch. It’s strong and stable and quickly takes care of high-volume requests.
  • Works with your ESP, website, or mobile app.

We work closely alongside our services team, and we hear our clients’ challenges. We’ve long been familiar with the cumbersome work involved in successfully launching coupon campaigns, and we’re excited to have built this solution to simplify our clients’ lives.

We hope you’ll give Coupon Service a try and let us take care of the heavy lifting for you.labs-coupon-listing



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Senior Vice President. Aaron is an accomplished marketing technology leader with a proven track record leading successful teams in high paced environments. He has worked with marketing executives at some of the world’s largest brands including:, Williams-Sonoma, Orbitz, REI, Verizon, Microsoft, Costco, Safeway, Yahoo, General Mills, and Virgin America. Previously a principal and co-founder at Smith-Harmon, an award-winning digital creative agency, which was acquired by Responsys in 2009, he is a frequent speaker at marketing industry events, served as a member of the Email Experience Council's Deliverability and Rendering Roundtable, and contributed to a number of industry publications including MediaPost's Email Insider column. He has appeared on FOX News, and numerous trade publications.

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