March Madness: Email Marketing Edition

March 28, 2016
Kati McKinney
Kati McKinney

March 28, 2016

Another March Madness is upon us (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) and it got me thinking about my email marketing “Final Four.” What are the key strategies to implement now?

Re-Engagement – it is time to take another look at re-engagement. Traditionally, these programs look at one or two dimensions (customer purchase behavior and email engagement). Find new ways that customers are unengaged and develop strategies to change their behavior. If you have a loyalty program, are you looking at those unengaged with the program but still clicking in email? Who used to add items to their “favorites” but is no longer?

Content Strategy – Relevance and personalization matters in marketing channels. While lifecycle messages usually include personalization, all your messages should include some type of targeting, presenting different content to different segments. Speak directly to your each and every customer.

Lifecycle - If you aren’t generating half of your revenue from triggered, lifecycle programs, you have a lot of opportunity and money on the table. First, work on getting the data you will need to power these emails – this typically comes from internal databases with purchase or browse data. This is the hard part, which is why you should start here. Next, what personalization can you drive from data within your ESP? Develop programs using data that you have while you work on getting data you need.

Even if you have a robust triggered program, these messages will benefit from constant optimization, including content, creative and copy.

Testing – “Good, Better, Best – Never quit until your good is better than your best.” As email marketers, our work is never done. Even your most successful programs can get better through optimization. There is no such thing as “set it and forget it” if you want to move needle. Test everything and test it often.

All of these strategies are a slam dunk, but only one team comes out of the Final Four a winner. Implement these four strategies and let me know your channel champion.march-madness-post

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Senior Marketing Strategist, Shaw/Scott (New York) Armed with eight years’ experience in digital marketing, from email to content strategy, and a portfolio that spans retail, financial services, and healthcare, Kati takes a holistic view of email marketing. With a passion for innovation, she has applied her expertise to a wide variety of campaigns, including triggered emails, lifecycle programs, mobile-first strategies, and dynamic, behavior-focused campaigns. In the retail sector, her specialty lies in creating and executing revenue-driving programs that increase channel productivity. She’s worked her magic on brands including Ralph Lauren, Shopbop, and Ameriprise Financial.

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