Fake It ‘Til You Make it: Personalized Content Using Click Retargeting

March 2, 2016
Kati McKinney
Kati McKinney

March 2, 2016

When it comes to email marketing, two of the biggest challenges that clients face regardless of vertical are a decrease in email engagement metrics, and limited resources for powering personalization and triggered campaigns. The reality is that many programs still send “one size fits all” campaigns frequently.

What if I told you that you could increase engagement and relevance using your existing, non-lifecycle programs? You can do this easily, by using the email mini-series approach. The idea behind the mini-series is to create a smaller program based on click engagement from your marketing campaigns (promotions, ad-hoc emails, newsletters, and so on). By tagging content in one message, you can enter those customers that click it into a separate program, which features relevant content to their click category. This action relies on tagging and having secondary content for the mini-series messages—this is a lower-lift project than a triggered or dynamic content project.

The mini-series sends are based off which content each individual consumer chooses. The first email must contain enough categories to power the additional touches, but should set a limit on the amount of tagged content so that mini-series segments aren’t too small (I suggest 2-3 tagged messages based on your list size).

A standard mini-series program looks like this:

Mini-series Program

This approach is best for marketing campaigns with a decent click-through rate, since the mini-series is driven by click activity. The first step is strategizing how to best lay this out creatively, so as to not give more weight to any individual category. The program drives itself from there.

With the right planning and creativity up front, this quick-fix approach is an ingenious option for powering email personalization and driving engagement—while still conserving your resources.

Good luck getting started on a mini-series program that makes a BIG impact!fake-it-post

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Senior Marketing Strategist, Shaw/Scott (New York) Armed with eight years’ experience in digital marketing, from email to content strategy, and a portfolio that spans retail, financial services, and healthcare, Kati takes a holistic view of email marketing. With a passion for innovation, she has applied her expertise to a wide variety of campaigns, including triggered emails, lifecycle programs, mobile-first strategies, and dynamic, behavior-focused campaigns. In the retail sector, her specialty lies in creating and executing revenue-driving programs that increase channel productivity. She’s worked her magic on brands including Ralph Lauren, Shopbop, and Ameriprise Financial.

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