The Art Of Audience Building

June 7, 2018
Ross Hamer
Ross Hamer

June 7, 2018

In this installment, our guest blogger Ross Hamer from Swrve talks about audience building. Though targeting is important, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out. Whatever it is you’re aiming for, the more accurate your targeting, the more successful you’ll be – shooting hoops, firing arrows, water ballooning your neighbor’s cat – the list goes on.

This is especially true when it comes to delivering effective marketing campaigns. At its heart, ‘marketing’ is just a word for communicating with – or sending messages to – your customers, prospects, and the wider world. And sending messages is easy, isn’t it? Just like talking can be. All too easy. ‘All good conversations start with listening’ springs to mind. In the case of marketing, replace ‘listening’ with ‘intelligent audience building.’

Let’s not kid ourselves though: communicating in a way that actually influences an audience is no mean feat, and it requires knowledge of your audience beyond the simplistic. Speaking of simplistic: for too long people have been constrained by the old ways, which can often be summarized as ‘what are we able to do?’ rather than ‘what would we like to do?,’ and this really isn’t good enough anymore.

The Next Stage Of Audience Building

In this age of infinite data, we are capable of building audiences that are so much richer and more meaningful. Why stop at ‘a user has watched a program’ when you know what program they watched, what series and episode, on what device, and when they watched it? That sort of insight enables you to deliver messages to your subscribers, notifying them that they missed a show they follow. Or why be satisfied with ‘a user has searched for a flight’ when you know the flight destination, where it’s from, and what class? Data like that helps to identify lucrative solo business travelers looking to book for an essential trip.

So where do you start? Well, think carefully about what you want to achieve. Don’t just build audiences for the sake of it. There are literally millions of audiences you can build, but there are of course some that work far better than others. Find a balance and think in terms of business goals – who is it exactly that you need to communicate with? What do you need to say, and what difference would it make if they heard and responded? When you’ve identified that group, build out the logic freely outside of your tech infrastructure and only then import the result back in – a process that should quickly tell you if your tech is up to the job. Then you’re ready to deliver campaigns and track results.

As you can see, your queries have the potential to become complex quite quickly. But fear not! Just because something is complex (or if you prefer, ‘sophisticated’), it does not mean that it is difficult. In this case complex is good, and for what it’s worth – life is complex, and this should be reflected in your marketing campaigns. Put simply: simplicity is outdated when it comes to audience building. swrve-listing

Looking for more insight from Ross? Check out the Swrve Blog on their website. Or, if you are ready to chat, you can reach Shaw + Scott at +1.520.762.4842 and press option 1, or reach out through our simple contact form.

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Guest blogger, Ross Hamer has found his home at Swrve having taken the perfectly logical career path from Latin teacher to record store manager. In his spare time, he records albums with his friends in his bedroom in Dublin. Ross leads the Content Marketing team for Swrve, a complete cross-platform customer interaction engine for enterprises. Swrve gives you everything you need to build great relationships with customers, interact 'in the moment' on any channel, and drive engagement, retention, and revenue as a result.

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