Another Reason to Love Shaw + Scott

August 22, 2016
Jamie Frech
Jamie Frech

August 22, 2016

The growth of the digital marketing technology landscape is staggering:

It evolves and becomes more crowded and complex in the blink of an eye. As a digital agency this means we can't simply wait for our clients to navigate this expansive ecosystem alone. We have to be the scout—always thinking about what's next and how to stay ahead of the curve for our clients. 

Since late 2015 we started to see a pattern. Our clients wanted more technology to enable better marketing, but would stall or struggle in two areas: 1) getting buy in from their IT teams to take on another project 2) the products they wanted lacked features they needed or were not intuitive to interconnect.

This dilemma seemed to be more pronounced as we looked at opportunities to support bigger ideas and more comprehensive strategies across channels. The vision was there, the desire was there, but the technology gaps were at times too wide for a marketing team to traverse alone.  We needed to find a way to bridge that gap—so we did.

Shaw + Scott Labs is our venture into new technical capabilities with the acquisition of Lift Science:

Joining forces with Lift Science was truly an organic experience—our two firms are not only aligned on the vision of marketing excellence, but also on the notion that marketing doesn't have to be hard. With the right technology and the right talent, anything is possible.

We’re the agency you’ll love. Now for even more reasons.intro-labs-post


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President - Jamie is a driven team leader dedicated to developing strategic game plans that deliver unbeatable results. A customer relationship management expert, Jamie is quick to get her arms around complex digital projects and streamline multi-faceted business requirements to guide clients seamlessly toward effective marketing programs and higher ROI. Her career has spanned 15 years in the company of leading brands such as the NBA, Kohl’s Department Stores, UnderArmour, Warner Bros., and Ford Motor Company. Prior to joining the team at Shaw/Scott, Jamie served as Director of CRM for Orbitz Worldwide.

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