Partner Spotlight – Selligent Marketing Cloud

May 5, 2020
Julian Scott
Julian Scott

May 5, 2020

We have deep expertise and trusted partnerships with some of today’s most innovative technology companies. Shaw/Scott is proud to feature our preferred partner, Selligent Marketing Cloud, in our Partner Spotlight Series.

Selligent Marketing Cloud is a highly integrated, AI-powered omnichannel marketing automation platform that enables ambitious B2C marketers to maximize every moment of interaction with today’s connected consumers. It also delivers ultra-personalized, highly relevant customer experiences across channels and devices, providing value swiftly and at scale.

“Our partnership empowers and provides increased value for marketers. By combining Selligent’s omnichannel expertise with Shaw/Scott’s innovative strategy, we enable our clients to execute the highest level of customer experience across a breadth of industry verticals. Together, we build impactful client relationships through creative collaboration, leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience.” – Walker Moriarty, Head of Partnerships, North America

To learn more about the partnership between Shaw/Scott and Selligent Marketing Cloud or discuss our services and solutions, please contact us.

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Partner Spotlight - Selligent Marketing Cloud

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Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Shaw/Scott (Vancouver) Julian is an award-winning digital marketing industry leader, having worked with some of the world's leading brands, including Lego, Alaska Airlines, Wells Fargo, Philosophy, Coach, Allstate, Lululemon, and Symantec. Calling upon two decades of experience in marketing, management, and leadership, he takes an innovative approach to help clients both revolutionize and harmonize their digital marketing ecosystems.

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