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Vinca Swanson

Interactive Web Specialist, Shaw + Scott (Portland) A creative developer with a passion for ideation, Vinca brings top-notch strategy and flawless execution to every campaign. Vinca specializes in email marketing, UX design, and front-end development. She also has a solid background in SEO. Vinca digs deep into each campaign she works on to ensure that every box is checked and no stone is left unturned. Vinca has worked with such brands as Holland America, Home Depot, Lululemon, Oracle, Harry & David, and Coca-Cola. Prior to joining the Shaw + Scott team, Vinca worked with Un-Cruise Adventures as a Graphic Designer and Email Marketing Specialist.

Recent Posts

Often, “best practices” is a term that helps determine the path in designing and building an email campaign. What is the “best practice” to make copy more readable? What are standard “best practices” for overall email width? While best practices are useful, they can also lead to predictable designs. When every element is predicted, projected and produced, email creative comes to feel mundane. And “mundane” is far from what a client is seeking when asking an agency for innovative solutions.

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We can all start each workday with shining gratitude—businesses across the board and around the world have officially acknowledged that  digital marketing matters. Our designs are valued, our strategies toward promoting brands are implemented, user experience laid out and built by developers have paramount priority in determining final product completion. Practical creativity, great ideas and bold innovation is now what sets agencies apart from one another.

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While I was first learning the process of developing a product prototype, almost everything made sense to me—that is, except for one thing: developing personas. How would I know who uses a certain app or who would buy a certain kind of product, I thought. Why would a corporation invest time and money toward building personas? What is a persona, anyway?

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