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Matt Levy

Matt is a Director of Account Management for Shaw + Scott. He has a keen ability to view situations and strategies from all perspectives, finding solutions that acknowledge and please all stakeholders. He is the former president of the No. 1 national e-commerce kosher wine company. Throughout his career, he has worked with enterprise brands along every stage of their marketing strategy, from creative to deployment, and thrives on data reporting. Beyond his love for business and digital marketing, he is a die-hard Cubs fan and season ticket holder. When he’s not at Wrigley Field, you will find him in the kitchen, trying out new recipes for his wife and two daughters.

Recent Posts

As a former e-commerce business leader, a former SEO and content marketing leader, and now as the leader of a team of brilliant minds in email marketing (seriously, they are sharp), one enduring truth has become incredibly apparent to me: Email marketing is where it’s at.

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