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Aaron Smith

Senior Vice President. Aaron is an accomplished marketing technology leader with a proven track record leading successful teams in high paced environments. He has worked with marketing executives at some of the world’s largest brands including: Amazon.com, Williams-Sonoma, Orbitz, REI, Verizon, Microsoft, Costco, Safeway, Yahoo, General Mills, and Virgin America. Previously a principal and co-founder at Smith-Harmon, an award-winning digital creative agency, which was acquired by Responsys in 2009, he is a frequent speaker at marketing industry events, served as a member of the Email Experience Council's Deliverability and Rendering Roundtable, and contributed to a number of industry publications including MediaPost's Email Insider column. He has appeared on FOX News, and numerous trade publications.
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Coupon codes: Your customers love them, they’re good for your bottom line…and they’re a hassle for your marketing team. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Here in the Labs team, we’ve been hard at work over the past few months. We’re proud to announce the latest addition to our Email Archiver tool: the Customer Journey View.

This feature gives our customers real-world insight into how individual subscribers interact with their brand’s email marketing program over time. By providing an email-by-email look at subscribers’ experiences, the Customer Journey View empowers marketers to execute effective targeted campaigns across the customer lifecycle.

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As someone who has worked with many of the top tier ESPs and marketing automation platforms over the years, one of the biggest challenges I see clients encounter is going from a “lights-on” state to advanced automation. While there is a tremendous amount of power and capability in tools available today, it still requires work to connect the different systems. In most cases that work is done either by in-house IT teams that require long lead times, or by consulting/integration firms that have the technical expertise, but not necessarily a holistic understanding of the needs and demands in the digital marketing space.

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